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12 Ways to Give Catalina Island

Let’s face it, the 12 Days of Christmas isn’t exactly filled with practical gifts. Who really wants eight maids a’milking or seven lords a’leaping? And do you have any idea what kind of mess all those birds would make – not to mention that geese and swans are feisty even if they’re not laying or…

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Bring A Little Catalina Into Your Life

Catalina Island’s many businesses are eagerly looking forward to seeing the world emerge on the other side of the temporary travel restrictions. In the meanwhile, here’s how you can bring a little Catalina Island into your life while supporting island businesses and institutions. (*Please note: all…

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A Catalina Island Holiday List

Catalina Island for everyone on your Holiday list! As the season of giving reaches a crescendo, Catalina Island beckons, promising a relaxing retreat from the mainland holiday madness. It also promises a solution for last-minute gift giving. No matter what the season, here are our favorite ways to…

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