Catalina Food Trails

One of the most iconic Catalina Island animals was brought to the island for a film shoot in the 1920s. North American Bison – popularly known as buffalo – were shipped to the island in anticipation of them making a grand appearance on the silver screen. Although the scenes with the bison landed on the cutting room floor, the bison on the island thrived, becoming so much a part of the landscape – and the Catalina culture – that their future here is assured.

Bison on Catalina are found on logos, restaurant names, souvenirs and countless postcards. They also make two appearances on menus – as buffalo milks and bison burgers.

Catalina Island offers both a food trail and beverage trail in homage to the bison that roam the rugged interior. 

Quick Eats

Go casual at one of our quick serve restaurants. Grab a gourmet sandwich or salad, a seaside fish ‘n chips, a famous buffalo burger or other…

Catalina Island Restaurants

From carefully curated culinary creations to quick eats to consume on the beach, Catalina Island offers a smorgasbord of dining options sure to please…

Sweets And Treats

Salt water taffy, caramel apples, hand-dipped chocolates, gourmet cookies and ice cream are just some of the ways to satisfy your sweet tooth.  

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