Pet Friendly Lodging

It can be fun to travel to Catalina Island with your dog or small pet. Check our list of dog and pet-friendly hotels on Catalina Island. Accommodations and guidelines vary by property.

The City of Avalon recently opened a small dog park at People's Park on Avalon Canyon Rd. View hours of operation and rules for the Avalon dog park.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Dogs and Pets on Catalina Island

Pets are not allowed in certain restricted areas in Avalon: Crescent Avenue between Clarissa and Metropole including paved areas on lower Sumner and lower Catalina, Avalon public beaches, on the Green Pleasure Pier and the Cabrillo Mole (boat landing). While transporting a dog through a restricted area, a leash and muzzle must be used. 

Catalina Express Pet Policy 

When accompanied by a passenger presenting a valid ticket, a pet which is not intended for other persons, nor for sale, may be transported subject to the following conditions: Each dog must be secure in a muzzle, leash and collar or a muzzle and harness sufficiently strong and tight fitting to securely hold the dog and remain leashed and muzzled throughout the trip. A dog muzzle is defined as a commercially manufactured device that fully encloses the “muzzle” portion of a dog’s head. A muzzle must be a multi-strap, pouch or cage design. A single strap muzzle will not be accepted. All other pets must be enclosed in an Airline-style Pet Carrier throughout the duration of the trip. Purses, totes and luggage are not suitable carriers. Read the complete policy on Catalina Express' website.

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