Helpful Catalina Island Information

Helpful Information

What is the population of Catalina Island?

The City of Avalon has a population of about 4,000. Summer and weekend population can rise to over 10,000. There are about 200 residents in the west end village of Two Harbors.

What is the climate like on Catalina Island?

There's a reason Catalina Island is said to have "the perfect climate." Catalina Island boasts a year-round Mediterranean climate, with warm, sunny days and cool evening breezes.  Summer temperatures average 75 degrees, while winter temperatures average 65 degrees. The sun shines an average of 267 days a year. Average rainfall is 12 inches per year. Check the weather forecast for your visit.

Is there a Library on Catalina Island?

LA County Library (Avalon Branch), 215 Sumner Ave. -310-510-1050

Is there care for pets on Catalina Island?

There is an Animal Hospital in Avalon. Animal Hospital - 310-510-1210
Pets are allowed on the Catalina Express but they must wear a leash and a muzzle or be in a pet carrier for the duration of the trip. Pets are not allowed on Crescent Ave. between Clarissa and Metropole and they are not allowed on Avalon public beaches. Some hotels, vacation rentals and restaurants are pet friendly.

Are there rules about minor children on Catalina Island?

Children less than 18 years of age are minors. The City of Avalon enforces a curfew for minors between 10 pm and daylight. Further information is available online from the City of Avalon.

Can you refill water bottles on Catalina Island?

Water is a precious resource on Catalina Island. During your visit please conserve water whenever possible. Water conservation on Catalina Island helps our island flourish. There are several stations for refilling reusable water bottles in Avalon.

What time zone is Catalina Island a part of?

Catalina Island is in the Pacific Time Zone and observes Daylight Savings Time from March to November.

Is there a Visitor Center on Catalina Island?

Located at the foot of the Green Pleasure Pier in Avalon, the Love Catalina Island Tourism Authority Visitor Center can provide information about transportation, accommodations, activities and events. We can help you make hotel reservations by providing a list of vacancies, updated daily.

Catalina Island Visitor Center - 310-510-1520

Emergency Contact Information

In case of an emergency, call 911 (police/fire/paramedics)

Avalon Fire Department - 310-510-0203
Avalon Harbor Department - 310-510-0535
LA County Sheriff's Department - 310-510-0174

Is there a hospital or pharmacy on Catalina Island?

Catalina Island Medical Center in located in Avalon up Avalon Canyon Rd. Their phone number is 310-510-0700.
Catalina Island Medical Center also offers a Clinic in the same location. Their phone number is 310-510-0096.
Leo's Drug Store (prescription medications) is located on Crescent Ave. Their phone number is 310-510-0189.

Is there a Post Office and shipping services on Catalina?

The United States Post Office is located in the Shops at Atwater, between Metropole St. and Sumner Ave. UPS, FedEx and other cargo services can be shipped and received by:
Catalina Flying Boats, 231 Catalina St., 310-510-1441
For FedEx Ground Service, 800-463-3339

Is there a bank on Catalina and are there ATMs?

The US Bank is at 303 Crescent Ave. There are nine ATM locations in Avalon: Abe's Liquor Store, Avalon Liquor, Cabrillo Mole Boat Terminal, Catalina by the Sea, the corner of Crescent Ave. and Pebbly Beach Road, Green Pleasure Pier, Metropole Marketplace, Three Palms Arcade and US Bank.

Are there laundromats on Catalina Island?

There are two options in Avalon and one option in Two Harbors.

Avalon Laundry - 225 Crescent Ave in the Metropole Marketplace.
Catalina Coin Op Laundry - 220 Metropole Ave.
Two Harbors Coin Op Laundry - Isthmus Pier

Are there lockers and baggage service on Catalina Island?

For your convenience, lockers are available for storage while you enjoy your day on Catalina Island. Lockers are located at the Cabrillo Mole Boat Terminal. Avalon Blue Line Baggage Service (310-510-9599), located at the Cabrillo Mole Boat Terminal, will pick-up and deliver items from hotels, condos, homes and campgrounds. They also provide baggage, scuba gear and equipment storage.

Is there cell and internet service on Catalina Island?

Cell phone service is available in most areas on the island, although during busier times service may not be as reliable as it is on the mainland. Cellular data service may also be slower than mainland speeds. See information about phone charging and computer access.

Where are the public showers and restrooms in Avalon?

The are public restrooms in Avalon: at the foot of the Green Pleasure Pier, Cabrillo Mole Boat Terminal, Casino Walkway, Island Tour Plaza, by the Sheriff's Station, Casino Dock and Bird Park.

Coin-operated showers are located along the Casino Walkway. A free saltwater rinse-off area is near the foot of the Green Pleasure Pier. Free outdoor showers are also available at Descanso Beach Club, along with changing rooms. Remember to bring your towel!

Sustainable Tourism on Catalina Island

Catalina Island's natural beauty stands as a testament vigilant environmental stewardship. Visitors are encouraged to make responsible choices while on the island. Please conserve water, energy and other resources. Visitors are welcome and encouraged to join our montly community cleanups. Learn more about Care for Catalina.

What do people wear on a trip to Catalina Island?

Sandals are popular, and bring good walking shoes to hike or tour. Bring a sweater or light jacket for evenings, and don't forget your swimsuit! Visit one of the many clothing shops in Avalon for a selection of tropical resort wear.

View more information on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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