Bald Eagles on Catalina Island

Some of the most compelling webcams on the island, from are trained on the nests of the island’s bald eagles. Viewers around their world have watched these magnificent birds as they bond, defend their nests and raise their chicks. Keep your eyes open whilst visiting Catalina Island, you never know when you'll be able to spot a bald eagle.

Facts from Institute of Wildlife Studies (IWS)

IWS began restoring bald eagles to Catalina Island in 1980. There are currently about 20 pairs of bald eagles breeding on 5 of the 8 Channel Islands.

West End Bald Eagle Cam powered by

"From the west end of Catalina Island, where the sun sets over the ocean, watch as this lifelong pair of eagle parents lay and protect eggs, feed their chicks and teach them to hunt and fly. This eagle pair is a success story, part of a bald eagle restoration program started by the Institute for Wildlife Studies in 1980. Their nest has been active since 1991 and has been streaming live since 2005. The West End Bald Eagle Cam is made possible through an educational partnership between Institute for Wildlife Studies, Montrose Settlements Program, Catalina Island Conservancy, and"

Two Harbors West End Overlook powered by

Two Harbors Bald Eagle Cam

"This cozy bald eagle nest overlooks the small village of Two Harbors."

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