Taste Around Avalon

Enjoy the most scrumptious tastes of delectable food & beverages at Avalon’s finest dining establishments. Vote for your favorite “Tastes” of food, drink and dessert as the Best Taste of the Year!

Winning establishments are awarded $100 each plus bragging rights for the next year!
This is the official kick-off to Avalon Restaurant Week, June 3-9, 2022.

2022 Taste Around Avalon Winners

Cocktail (Drink with Alcohol)

1. Maggie's Blue Rose - Catalina Prickly Pear Margarita

2. Avalon Grille - Blueberry Mint Julep

3. El Galleon - Shark Attack

Non-Alcohol Drink

1. Cafe Metropole - Green Pier Cold Pressed Juice

2. Original Antonio's - Draft Abita Brand Root Beer


1. Avalon Grille - Bloody Mary Slider

2. Steve's Steakhouse - Duck Cigars & Cauliflower Steak

3. The Naughty Fox - Poke Bite & Mini Lobster Roll


1. Sailor's Delight - Halley’s Comet Ice Cream Sandwich

2. Scoops - Ghirardelli Warm Brownie Sundae

3. The Pancake Cottage - Strawberry Shortcake

Taste Around 2022 - 1st Place Winner "Food"   Taste Around 2022 - 1st Place Winner "Dessert"   Taste Around 2022 - 1st Place Winner "Drink no Alcohol"
Avalon Grille                                                    Sailor's Delight                                                Cafe Metropole      



Airport in the Sky Restaurant - Food: Chicken & Waffles Dessert: Airport Killer Cookies
(set up at Cafe Metropole)

Antonio's Pizzeria & Cabaret - Food: Baked Mini Spaghetti Nests Drink with Alcohol: Antonio's Negroni

Avalon Grille - Food: Bloody Mary Slider Drink with Alcohol: Blueberry Mint Julep

Cafe Metropole - Drink without Alcohol: Green Pier Cold Pressed Juice

El Galleon - Food: St. Louis Style Rib, Panko Onion Ring Drink with Alcohol: Shark Attack

Lloyd's of Avalon - Dessert: Gourmet Frozen Banana

Luau Larry's  - Food: Chicken Wontons Drink with Alcohol: Peanut Butter & Jelly Shot with Cucumber Lime Twist

Maggie's Blue Rose - Drink with Alcohol: Catalina Prickly Pear Margarita

Marlin Club - Drink with Alcohol: Mini Beer Shot

NDMK Fish House - Food: Da Bomb Shrimp Drink with Alcohol: Aguas Locas Margarita

Original Antonio's Pizzeria & Deli - Food: One Slice Pepperoni Pizza ($2.50), Mama Mia's Day old Spaghetti with Garlic Bread ($4.50) Drink without  Alcohol: Draft Abita Brand Root Beer ($1.50)

Sailor's Delight Ice Cream Shop - Dessert: Halley’s Comet Ice Cream Sandwich

Scoops Catalina Island - Dessert: Ghirardelli Warm Brownie Sundae

Steve's Steakhouse - Food: Duck Cigars, Cauliflower Steak Drink with Alcohol: Steve's Special

The Pancake Cottage - Food: Chicken and Waffles Dessert: Strawberry Shortcake.

The Naughty Fox - Food: Poke Bite, Mini Lobster Roll

Toyon Grill - Food: Asian Chicken Salad Drink with Alcohol: Greeters Pale Ale Laguna Beach Beer Co.



Purchase a Voting Card
Each person sampling "Tastes" must purchase a Voting Card 
Advance Purchase: $2 per card
Event Day: $3 per card

Voting Cards will available at the Love Catalina Visitor Center on the Green Pleasure Pier before the event, and on Wrigley Stage during the event. We recommend you avoid the line during the event and buy your cards early! 

Sip Sample & Savor! 
Stroll through town & visit each participating establishment. 
Sample all of their “Tastes” in four categories (typically $1-$5* per “Taste”) including:

  • Appetizers/Main Dishes
  • Sweets & Treats
  • Cocktails
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages

*Local Tip 
Be prepared with approximately $20-$40 in ones or small bills, as many restaurants may run out of change as the evening progresses!

Vote for your favorite “Taste” in each category 
Establishments with the 4 Best “Taste” Winners are awarded $100 each! Tasters that turn in their completed Voting Cards are entered in a bonus drawing with a chance to win a $50 Catalina Island Gift Certificate

Event sponsored by Love Catalina Island.




  • Avalon Grille WINNER 2nd Place Food & 3rd Place Dessert - Mango Spice Cocktail, Asian Pear Sparkler, Miso Pork Belly Ramen, Spicy Shrimp Ramen
  • Antonio's Pizzeria and Cabaret - Mangonada Chamoy Margarita, Irish Fish & Chips
  • Catalina Coffee & Cookie Co. WINNER 2nd Place Drink no alcohol & 3rd Place Dessert - Honey Earl Grey Tea, Chocolate Bacon Muffin
  • Afishinados Charters (The Catallac) WINNER 2nd Place Cocktail - Sour Puss
  • Coyote Joe's - Gummy Bear Shot, Strawberry Pina Colada, Potato Taco, Churros
  • Toyon Grill by Bluewater - WINNER 1st Place Dessert & 3rd Place (tie) Cocktail - Prickly Pear Margarita, Ginger Kombucha, Pulled BBQ Bison and Pork Slider, Buffalo Milk Cheesecake
  • Lloyd's of Avalon WINNER 2nd Place Dessert - Brownie Sundae w/ a slice of Apple Pie a la Mode Caramel Apple
  • Cafe Metropole WINNER 1st Place Drink no alcohol - Green Pier Cold Pressed Juice, Fried Avocado with Dipping Sauce and Avocado Egg Rolls
  • Mi Casita - Watermelon Serrano Chile Margarita, Chicken & Carne Asada Tacos, Arroz con Leche
  • Scoops - World's Best Rocky Road Ice Cream - Locally Famous!
  • Avalon Fish Market WINNER 1st Place Food - Mango Margarita, Grilled Swordfish & Poke served over rice
  • Bluewater Avalon WINNER 3rd Place Food & 3rd Place Cocktail (tie)- Spring Fever Gin & Tonic, Seared Scallop Appetizer
  • El Galleon WINNER 1st Place - Painkiller Cocktail
  • Luau Larry's - Sangrita, BBQ Wings and Cajun Corn
  • Marlin Club - Blue Balls Shot


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