A Catalina Island Couples Itinerary

Ideal weather and fewer people make fall the perfect time for a getaway to Catalina Island – especially for couples looking to add a little romance to their relationship. Read on for the perfect romantic fall itinerary on Catalina Island.

Take the next step: Catalina Island’s reputation as the Island of Romance stems from much more than a song lyric. That romantic atmosphere makes Catalina the perfect spot to take your relationship to the next level. Propose on a cliff overlooking the Pacific, get married on the beach with a view of the Catalina Casino or renew your vows with a seaside celebration.

Book a table for two: JazzTrax, one of the country’s preeminent smooth jazz festivals, spans two weekends in October and brings some of the world’s top jazz musicians to the Catalina Casino. A number of ticket options are available, but the most romantic way to experience the festival is at a table for two.

A romantic Catalina getaway

Try something new: There’s nothing like learning a new skill together to spark the flames of love. Learn to scuba dive, get your hands dirty in a tile class or learn ocean kayaking.

Dine al fresco: Fall’s warm evenings make dining outdoors irresistible. Several Catalina restaurants offer tables for two under the stars or plan a picnic dinner on the beach with just the two of you.

Relax: Make relaxation the order of the day on your romantic Catalina vacation by booking a couple’s massage at one of the island’s spas.

Treat each other: Shopping on Catalina Island rewards couples with unique gifts, memorable souvenirs and irresistible jewelry. Spend some time together perusing the many charming shops and boutiques.

Adventure together: Get your adrenaline pumping together by taking on one of Catalina’s many adventures. Parasailing, ziplining and jet-skiing are all fall activities that will get your heart pumping.

Romantic Island getaway just off the coast of Los Angeles

Dine together: Book a table for two at one of the many restaurants on Catalina Island that cater to couples. Whether you and your true love enjoy fresh fish, prime steaks or vegetarian delights, you’ll discover palate-pleasing options on the island.

Plan a romantic stroll: Avalon boasts one of the most picturesque waterfronts in California. While you won’t see a traditional sunset, twilight is a magical time in Avalon, when the light lingers and the sounds of the day begin to fade. Stroll the promenade from the Catalina Casino to the Cabrillo Mole at dusk to see the transformation.

Hit the beach: Thanks to warm waters and sunny days, you won’t want to miss time on the beach. The beaches in Avalon are not nearly as busy in the fall or – for a bit more romance – book a cabana or a pair of chaise lounges at Descanso Beach.

Shop for art: The Catalina Festival of the Arts is Avalon’s oldest festival and the perfect opportunity to discover each other’s taste in art. Plan a visit in September to experience dozens of artists and their work arrayed along Crescent Avenue.

Go for a hike: As the temperatures begin to cool, hiking on Catalina Island becomes even more appealing. The Garden to Sky Hike is a challenging favorite that takes hikers from the Wrigley Memorial & Botanic Garden up to the ridgeline above, rewarding couples with a view of both sides of Catalina.

Explore farther afield: While Avalon’s many charms have seduced vacationers for more than 100 years, exploring farther afield will reward couples with spectacular vistas, isolated beaches and unique activities. In Two Harbors, at the island’s remote West End, couples can discover romance and adventure alike.

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