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Catalina Island Conservancy

The Catalina Island Conservancy, stewarts of 88% of Catalina Island, offers a number of Learning at Home activities including birding, journaling, exploring flowers and spider webs and more.

Coloring Pages from the Catalina Island Conservancy

Coloring Page

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Catalina Island Museum

The Catalina Island Museum offers a Catalina Ambassador Program online for students of all ages.

They have also shared coloring page from "Catalina Vacation Coloring Book," published in 1986, drawings by Robert P. Kingett.

undersea coloring page Fountain coloring page

You can also do a  "Catalina Paintings: Night & Day" Exhibition Digital Puzzle.

USC Wrigley Marine Science Center

USC Wrigley Marine Science Center is located in Two Harbors. Click to download this 7 page coloring book of Catalina Island sealife.

USC Coloring Pages

Catalina Bingo

The owner of Catalina Souvenir, the Edgewater Hotel and Catalina Island Eats created these fun Catalina Bingo cards. Can you get Bingo?

Bingo 1  Catalina Bingo

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Pavilion Hotel

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