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    Each and every hour of each and every day, the people of REACH are alert for the call that can mean saving a life. Whoever the person, whatever the location, no matter the injury or illness, the people of REACH are on the way. Love Catalina Island has negotiated a special rate for the Annual REACH Helicopter Ambulance Membership --through AirMedCare Network! There are 2 memberships to choose from: Emergent/Non-Emergent (Fly U Home) 1 Emergent: when Police, Fire or Paramedic crews deem it necessary for you or someone from your household to be flown to the Hospital -rather than be transported by regular ambulance. Normally $99/year, now only $79/year- with your Love Catalina Island Membership (see coverage map for details/coverage in 38 states) 2. “Fly U Home”: IF you or someone from your household is in the hospital anywhere in the lower 48 states, you/them will be flown home to any hospital of your choice on a private ICU fixed wing aircraft (jet) --for only an additional $140/year! Especially now, with everything that is happening in the world, a membership with REACH will provide peace of mind, advanced life support and rapid transport to a Tier 1 or 2 Hospital - in the untimely event that you or yours are flown by helicopter ambulance. **International plans now available** If you are taken to the Catalina Island Medical Center and they deem you need to transported, you may request that REACH fly you so there is ZERO out of pocket! Enrollment is simple: 1) Call (760-490-7524) for phone enrollment 2) Enroll online- www.amcnrep/david-stumbaug PLAN CODE: 8648-CA-BUS (Love Catalina Island discount coupon code) TRACK CODE: 14285

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