NDMK Fish House

Adam Thoricht - NDMK Fish House

NDMK (pronounced endemic) opened in summer of 2019. NDMK is a play on words; the definition of endemic is native & only found in a certain location.  The vision of a young group of 4th generation islanders was to create an opportunity for the community through a family owned and operated business that hires local and keeps things local, and to bring local seafood caught by local fisherman directly to the table. Dishes served at the restaurant are either locally caught or sourced from seafood providers that guarantee fair and sustainable harvesting. The team makes a conscious effort to keep sustainability in mind. 

The restaurant is a family affair. The recipes at NDMK are family made and include their mom’s clam chowder & dad’s lobster bisque. Doug Bombard, the owners great uncle, who operated Two Harbors and Doug's Harbor Reef for 30 years, and still operates the Catalina Express, was a guiding light for the owners. Doug's love of the island and the outdoors and that of families who operate NDMK, was a great influence on this concept.

The idea of NDMK embraces a love of Catalina Island & everything outdoors – fish, surf, and family. The owners took their collective experience to embark on a venture that they knew the island needed. Two of the owners still live on the island and are raising the 5th generation while actively working either in the front of the house, in the kitchen or by fishing for what is served at the restaurant. What started as an apparel and design concept turned into a brick and mortar reality. The brand started as a clothing line out of a desire for everyday wear that was "Islander approved,"  something that didn’t seem touristy – that their friends and family would be proud to wear. The clothing line asks its wearers to enjoy locally designed gear & crack a beer.  In keeping with that spirit, Over Town Brewery was selected as a staple at NDMK, specifically because it is a brewery owned and operated by Islanders in Monrovia. It’s an opportunity for NDMK to continue to support its community, offering a product made “Over Town” and selling it on the island.

The building at 109 Clarissa Ave originally served as the barn for the Wrigley family’s horses. When you enter NDMK you might notice the original hand-notched beams overhead.  Since it’s use as a barn, the building has housed numerous businesses including The Sweet Shoppe, where Carnation ice cream topped with an animal cracker was served, and most recently, a florist & specialty food store.

When you visit, you'll notice NDMK's brand merchandise along with handcrafted jewelry made from abalone shells that found along the island’s shores. Pictures in the hallway are images of generations of family on Catalina. Most notably, an iconic Shirley Temple, holding hands with Grandma Doreen, the grandma of the owners, illustrations of a long line of family history on Catalina.

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