Catalina Island is one of the most popular destinations for weddings in Southern California and it's not hard to see why. The Island of Romance offers beautiful scenery, abundant services and a variety of venue options – not to mention that aforementioned reputation for romance.

11 things you need to know about getting married on Catalina Island

It’s easier than you think: Catalina Island offers all the allure of a destination wedding and the convenience that comes with proximity to a major metropolitan area, giving you the best of both options when it comes to planning where to get married.  

Love is love is love on Catalina Island: Diversity is embraced on the island and LGBTQ weddings are welcomed with open arms. You and your partner will find wedding services and venues that are enthusiastic and encouraging.

Los Angeles County: Catalina Island is part of Los Angeles County – wedding licenses can be secured from the county registrar-recorder.

There’s plenty of services: Couples have been choosing Catalina Island as a wedding destination for generations, so you’ll find plenty of services, including wedding planners, photographers, officiants and more. Click here to learn more about the various Catalina Island wedding services available on the island.

From traditional to radical—Catalina Island has it all: If you’ve always dreamed of a traditional church wedding with a formal reception, you can easily make that happen on the island. But if your wedding plans run to the – shall we say, off-the-beaten-path – you can do that here too. Challenge conventions with a scuba wedding, a kayaking wedding or a mountain biking wedding.

Off-season is better: June may be traditional wedding season, but if you are getting married on Catalina Island, the options are endless. With several indoor venues, along with a temperate year round climate, a winter wedding can be unforgettable, as can early spring and late fall. Have your heart set on wedding in the middle of summer? You may want to explore a day other than the weekend.

Your guests will love you for it: One of California’s top destinations, Catalina Island is a favorite escape for visitors for good reason. There are a wide array of places to stay, plenty of things to do and several options for dining – from burgers on the beach to high-end culinary creations. All that diversity offers something for everyone, whether it’s your staid college roommate or your stay-out-late-and-party aunt. No matter what your guests are interested in they are sure to find it – and go back home raving what a great time at your wedding weekend.

Big or small – there’s room for all: Whether you are looking to get married with just a few of your closest friends on a remote promontory or are planning a beach-side celebration for a 1,000, Catalina Island can accommodate you.

You’ll want to make a weekend out of it: When you’re getting married on Catalina Island, you won’t want to limit your festivities to just the day of. The island is perfect for wedding eve dinners and bon voyage brunches, not to mention wedding party adventures like ziplining, kayaking and late-night fun.

You’ll never forget it: The charming waterfront resort of Avalon and the island’s dramatic seascapes will make for a backdrop to your special day that will never be forgotten. Long after the flowers have faded and you’ve eaten that freezer-burned slice of cake on your anniversary, your memories of your Catalina Island wedding will linger, reminding you and your spouse of the love that brought you together.

It’s the perfect excuse for annual anniversary getaways: Once you’ve gotten married on Catalina Island, the island will keep calling you back – and that’s a good thing. Catalina Island anniversary getaways are the perfect romantic retreat, the ideal way to spend a few days remember your special day together as well as all the reasons you said, “I do.”