Globally, the State of California is promoted as a family friendly place to visit.  Recent marketing by VisitCalifornia is using the moniker Kidifornia in media outlets including television and print.  As a compliment to that, the Love Catalina Island Tourism Authority is promoting a series of family friendly offers, itineraries and activities under the umbrella of Kidalina Island.

The family friendly offerings on Kidalina Island are robust, and they are being rolled out just in time for spring break getaways.  From miniature golfing, to ziplining, semi-submarine rides to backcountry jeep expeditions, there is no shortage of reasons to make Kidalina your family vacation destination.   Family friendly dining options are also being promoted with various restaurants offering new kids menu options.  Events like Springfest and the Annual Easter Egg hunt along with new facilities like the pirate ship playground at Knabe park round out the offerings for some of the island’s smaller visitors.  Look for offers on and be sure to sign up for email alerts on family travel offers to the island.  A new blog has also been launched with upcoming posts to include author insights on ways to enjoy the island with travelers of all sizes.