For the second time in about a year, a community planting and beautification project has been completed along Avalon’s waterfront.  In partnership with the City of Avalon, The Rotary Club of Avalon’s most recent planting project placed an additional $6,000 value in plants.  Over 40 volunteers including students from the University of Central Oklahoma and Wichita State joined with City of Avalon staff to install 500 new plants.  The visiting college students were staying at Laura Stein Camp while on a Spring Break Voluntourism project with the Catalina Island Conservancy, Other volunteers included community members, Catalina Island Medical Center long-term care staff and residents and the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

All plants selected for this phase of planting were non-invasive, drought resistant, salt tolerant, not poisonous and beautiful the year-round.  Plants were also further limited based on demonstrated survival from the previous round of planting completed last June.  The plants were purchased at wholesale nurseries for $3,000 with the Rotary Club and City of Avalon each providing $1,500.  Members of the community were invited to purchase plants as part of the group buy thus further beautifying the community.

Volunteers worked from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm on Tuesday March 20.  The project was originally slated for Wednesday March 21, but was rescheduled due to forecasted rain.  Garden tools were supplied by Captain Gary Black of Los Angeles County Fire Department and plants were installed from Cabrillo Mole to Casino Arch.

Last June over $15,000 in value of new plants were installed in the same area in part through a grant from Sothern California Edison.  In both phases the plants were transported to the island courtesy of Avalon Freight Services.

Just in time for visitors arriving to the island for Spring Break and soon Summer Vacations, Avalon is now even more welcoming and beautiful.