Getting Around When You Get Here: Transportation on Catalina Island

The journey to Catalina Island is all part of the adventure, but getting around once you get here is fun too. While Avalon, the island’s only city, can be easily navigated on foot, if you are staying longer than a day or plan to explore the rest of the island, you’ll need to know how to get around. Here’s a few Catalina Island transportation tips to make your vacation even easier.

11 Things You Need To Know About Getting Around on Catalina Island

Walking: If you’re staying in Avalon for a few days or just exploring for an afternoon, your best mode of transportation may be walking. The city’s quaint streets and picturesque waterfront are ideal for a stroll and most destinations and attractions are easily accessible by foot – especially if you are wearing comfortable shoes.

Bring wheeled luggage: Those pedestrian-friendly streets mean wheeled luggage is essential. Hauling your gear is a lot easier if you’ve got wheels.

Baggage service: Don’t feel like dealing with your bags, wheels or not? Avalon Blue Line Baggage offers pick up and delivery service of luggage and scuba gear. They also offer baggage storage and lockers at the Cabrillo Mole, where the Catalina Island ferry arrives.

Taxi service: The Avalon Taxi Service operates seven-passenger demand-response taxi service throughout Avalon, just call 310-510-0025. The service is available from 7 a.m. seven days a week.

Don’t count on Uber or Lyft: While ride-sharing services are increasing popular on the mainland, they do not operate on the island, so don’t count using their services while you are here.

COAST: Operated by the City of Avalon, the COAST offers on-demand, point-to-point public transportation service within Avalon City limits. Residents and visitors to Avalon can now enjoy rides to and from anywhere within Avalon's city limits with fares starting at $2 per rider. Users can ride the new transit system by downloading the Ride Circuit app in the Apple App or Google Play Store. Standard hours of operation for COAST are  7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily.

Descanso Beach shuttle: With dining and cocktails as well as activities like kayaking, zip-lining and a rock wall, one of Avalon’s most popular attractions is Descanso Beach. While many people choose to stroll along the waterfront to get to Descanso Beach, a shuttle service is also available from Avalon. The free shuttle is offered seasonally, and visitors can pick up the shuttle in front the Via Casino Arch.  

Golf carts: It doesn’t take long for visitors to realize that golf carts – officially known as “autoettes” in Avalon – are the preferred method of transportation in the city. While full-size vehicles are strictly regulated in the city, each residence is allowed one autoette. Visitors can rent a golf cart hourly, but they are not available for overnight rental, although some vacation rentals offer them as an amenity to their guests.

Ride a bike: Wheeled transportation is popular on the island whether you are looking for a family-friendly ride along the shoreline or a high-octane trek into the interior. Bring your own bikes (check with your transportation provider for requirements) or rent a bike once you get here.

For the differently abled: The COAST transit on-demoand, point to point public transportation service is accessible. Wheelchairs can be rented from Brown’s Bikes.

Access to the Interior: Want to get out of town? The Catalina Conservancy’s Wildlands Express Shuttle offers scheduled bus service to the Airport in the Sky and to Little Harbor. Going further afield? The Cyclone offers high-speed boat transportation from Avalon to Two Harbors. Private interior shuttles are also available via Catalina Transportation Services.