Catalina Island is famous for many things like Buffalo Milk, Bison Burgers and Flying Fish, but did you know that the restaurants on island produce some of the most delicious tacos around? Whether it's a freshly caught swordfish taco, local Catalina lobster or a traditional carne asada taco, we have the variety that you're looking for!

1. Airport in the Sky Restaurant

Located at Airport in the Sky, the restaurant pays homage to our resident bison with Buffalo Tacos. These tasty tacos are made with seasoned buffalo brisket, melted cheddar, topped with pico de gallo served on two corn tortillas. Take your lunch to the patio to enjoy views of the interior of the island.

2. Bluewater Avalon

Tacos with a view! Choose a spot on the patio, overlooking the Avalon Bay and try the fish tacos with your choice of blackened fish or shrimp. Tacos are served on flour or corn tortillas with jack cheese, shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, fresh lime crema and avocado. Pair that with a Serrano Margarita and you've got the makings of a beautiful meal.

3. Coyote Joe's

A local favorite, Coyote Joe's serves up a variety of soft and crispy tacos. Avocado or Potato Tacos are perfect for the vegetarian in your group. House favorites have the option of fresh fish, shredded beef, ground beef, chicken, carne asada, shrimp or house-made carnitas. Pair with the Coyote Famous Margarita!

4. Maggie's Blue Rose

Take your pick of chicken, fish, shrimp, steak or beef tacos served with pickled onions, jicama slaw, cilantro crema with cilantro rice and black beans.

Or try at favorite, the Lobster Taco made with lobster claw meat sautéed with roasted poblano chile sauce with onion and tomato.


5. NDMK Fish House

Owned and operated by local fisherman, NDMK Fish House offers the freshest of fish. Fish tacos are served Baja Style or blackened with your choice of fish, corn tortillas, cabbage, fresh pico de gallo and chipotle creme. The fresh catch may include halibut, tuna, swordfish, yellowtail, mahi mahi or rockfish.


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6. Naughty Fox at Bellanca Hotel

Try the Naughty Tacos at the Naughty Fox. Dine alfresco on the patio overlooking the Avalon Bay. Your choice of veggie, shrimp, scallops, fish, lobster tacos, served with a spicy aioli, cabbage-plum slaw and freshly made pico de gallo.

7. Three Palms Arcade
Stop on by the Three Palm Arcade in the Metropole Marketplace. Bowl a round or indulge in one of the numerous arcade games at Three Palms. Three Palms soft tacos are must try, served with your choice of asada, chicken, al pastor, or carnitas topped with cilantro & onions.


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8. Eric's on the Pier

Enjoy your lunch outside on the Green Pier. Eric's offers fish, shrimp, chicken, asada, pastor or carnitas tacos.

9. Luau Larry's

Known for the famous Wiki Wacker and accompanying straw hat, Luau Larry's also offers a varied menu of fresh seafood, hamburgers and pizza. When you're looking for a fish taco, try Luau Larry's Swordfish Tacos served with avocado crema, cabbage and fresh pico de gallo.

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