Catalina Island captivates visitors, providing a never-ending love affair with its island environs and inspiring travelers to return again and again. Here are just 20 of the many reasons to love Catalina Island in 2020. 

Scenery: Surrounded by the sea, Catalina Island boasts some of the most spectacular scenery in southern California. No matter which way you turn you’ll discover sweeping seascapes and dramatic terrain.

Catalina Casino: For nearly a century, this Moorish architectural masterpiece has been one of California’s most iconic landmarks. Home to the world's largest circular ballroom and a theatre, the Catalina Casino continues to host special events and tours – it has never, however – been a place of gambling.

Activities: Activities on Catalina Island offer something for everyone. What’s not to love when you can choose to take a hike in the morning, a food tour in the afternoon and enjoy a moonlit stroll in the evening? Or go golfing in the morning, kayaking in the afternoon and round out the day with a massage? The wealth of activities on Catalina Island enable you to plan a vacation crammed with adventure or filled with relaxation – or both.

Salt Air: No matter where you go on Santa Catalina Island, you’re never far from the sea. Imbued with salt air and sea breezes, the island’s ambiance flavors everything here, never letting you forget that you are somewhere special.

Team-building: Whether you are planning a work trip or a family trip, time spent on Catalina Island brings you closer together, forging a bond that will help you weather both the next sales challenge and the latest teenage drama. For a team-building challenge, check out the Catalina Aerial Adventure, Catalina Zip Line Eco Tour or a friendly game of golf.

Catalina Island Interior: Just outside of the confines of Avalon, Catalina Island stretches for more than 70 square miles, brimming with unique wildlife, rare flora and spell-binding vistas. You’ll love Catalina Island even more once you explore the interior.

Catalina Island Museum: One of the top attractions on Catalina Island, the Catalina Island Museum offers an ever-changing array of exhibits and events, including upcoming exhibitions on Frida Kahlo, Gyotaku printing and plein air paintings of the island.

Sunrises: Although you can’t watch the sun go down over the ocean from Avalon, sunrises in the seaside town are well worth waking up early for. On the island’s windward side, sunsets are one of the many things to love on Catalina Island.

Catalina Island Conservancy: Nearly 90 percent of the island is an undeveloped wilderness, thanks to the Catalina Island Conservancy, a non-profit responsible for protecting the island in its natural state in perpetuity. What’s not to love about that?

Convenience: Although it seems like a world away from the bustling mayhem of the mainland, travel to Catalina Island is convenient, just over an hour by boat or 15 minutes by helicopter.

Festivals: Jazz, art and wine are just some of the many festivals that dot the Catalina Island calendar of events. Explore all the Catalina Island special events here and find your favorite.

Music: From local musicians jamming in a neighborhood bar to world-renowned artists performing in the world-famous Catalina Casino Ballroom, music fans will find a surprising diversity of experiences on Catalina Island.

Star-gazing: Far from the light pollution of the mainland metropolis, the stars emerge over Catalina Island, in a dramatic light show best seen from the interior of the island.

Romance: It’s easy to fall in love with Catalina Island and even easier to celebrate love on the Island of Romance, which is the perfect destination for getting engaged, getting married or just getting closer to the one you love. Find an Island of Romance package!

Wildlife: Wild dolphins frolicking in the sea, bald eagles soaring over head and majestic bison roaming wild are just some of the many creatures that make a visit to Catalina Island memorable. You’ll also want to be on the lookout for colorful garibaldi, curious island foxes and massive whales.

Dining: With something for every palate, dining on Catalina Island is an ever-changing buffet of options, sure to leave you sated and satisfied. Don't miss our annual Taste Around of Avalon and Avalon Restaurant Week, which occur in the beginning of June annually.

History: Catalina Island has intrigued history buffs for generations. Ranchers, smugglers, spies and soldiers made an appearance, as did Hollywood stars, native islanders and European explorers.

Weather: What’s not to love? Catalina Island weather is remarkable, with winter temperatures rarely below 50 and summer temps seldom exceeding 85. The sun shines nearly 270 days every year and average rainfall is 12 inches.

Water: Scuba divers, snorkelers and other underwater – and above water -- explorers all love Catalina Island for its crystal-clear waters and plentiful marine life. Plunge beneath the surface or book a ride on the semi-submersibles to see what there is to see under the surface. Cruise along the coast in a kayak, skiff or tour boat. Or book a fishing charter in pursuit of Catalina Island’s many game fish.

Quality time: Far removed from the cares of the everyday world, time spent together on Catalina Island creates moments to be cherished, where compelling experiences become unforgettable memories.