The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

303 Crescent Avenue, US Bank Building (upstairs), Avalon, CA 90704

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    Currently: We are not holding Sunday services but are administering the Sacrament (similar to communion) on a door-to-door basis once-a-month with appropriate social distancing and facial coverings. Visitors can contact Victor at (562) 544-3385 or Haleema Saber in Avalon at (818) 681-3828 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Services are conducted in English and Spanish. Se dirige las reuniones en ingles y en espanol. The Church has conducted services on Catalina Island since 1990. We met for many years in the homes of our local members and most recently in the US Bank Building. The services are led by Avalon members as well as Elders from overtown. Our members from overtown visit the island weekly to meet with our local members.
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