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Dear Prospective Member:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Catalina Island Tourism Authority. By joining, you will be working with over 230+ Catalina Island businesses and organizations to ensure a strong economic future for our community.

The Catalina Island Tourism Authority is governed by a 19-member Board of Directors. Thirteen of the directors are elected from member businesses. Other directors represent major interests and service clubs on the Island.

The primary focus of our organization is the promotion of tourism to Catalina Island.  As tourism is the Island ‘s only industry, a steady flow of visitors is necessary to keep our economy moving.

The paragraphs below describe many of our activities, membership requirements and classifications, along with our dues schedule. Should you require any further information, or would like to schedule a meeting to discuss membership, please contact Carmen Chavez at (310) 510-1520.

Again, thank you for your interest. We sincerely hope we can include you on the membership roster of the Catalina Island Tourism Authority!

Jim Luttjohann
President and Chief Executive Officer


What Is The Catalina Island Tourism Authority?

Because tourism is Avalon’s only industry, island residents and businesses have a strong interest in promoting travel and tourism so as to improve the local economy. The City of Avalon, the only incorporated municipality on Catalina Island, is particularly interested in tourism promotion because taxes generated by tourism and related activities are the primary source of most city revenues.

Incorporated in 1949 as the Avalon Chamber of Commerce, the Tourism Authority has been promoting Avalon and Catalina Island for the past 70 years. A membership of over 230 businesses and individuals involved in the hospitality industry serving the needs of the island’s visitors, while performing the functions of both a Chamber of Commerce and a Visitors Bureau, the organization’s primary role is that of the community’s only private, non-profit destination marketing organization.

Funding for the Catalina Island Tourism Authority is provided by both public and private sources. Overnight visitors to Avalon pay a transient occupancy tax collected by all hotels and other transient accommodations within the City of Avalon. Islanders voted to allocate 22% of this tax for advertising and promotion through the Catalina Island Tourism Authority. In the 2018-2019 fiscal year, these public funds accounted for approximately 65% of the Tourism Authority’s total budget . The remaining funds come from membership dues, member participation fees for various programs, and through fundraising. The private sector further leverages the Tourism Authority's funding through in-kind contributions of boat tickets, hotel rooms, event tickets, meals and other services. Members also coordinate their advertising and sales programs in cooperation through joint participation in travel and trade shows, hosting site inspections, “banner” advertising, and other programs.


The mission of the Catalina Island Tourism Authority is to attract visitors and advocate for commerce on Catalina Island.


The Tourism Authority is staffed by a team of sales and marketing professionals. Current staff includes a President/CEO, Vice President Marketing & Sales, Visitor & Member Services Manager, Destination Marketing Manager, Administrative Assistant and Visitor Services Specialists.

Download a Membership Application

Download a Membership Packet 



Each member is eligible to receive:

  • A FREE listing in the Catalina Island Visitors Guide, published annually in January, and on the official DMO website,
  • Opportunity to place a display advertisement in the Catalina Island Visitors Guide and the Catalina Island Pocket Map, and/or banner advertisements on the website
  • FREE display of 4″ x 9″ materials in the brochure racks at the Visitor Center located on the Green Pleasure Pier
  • Opportunity to display materials in mainland boat terminals through an exclusive program with Certified Folder Display Company
  • Referral of visitors seeking products and/or services offered by your business
  • Cooperative advertising and program opportunities at specially negotiated reduced rates in various media
  • Participation in the Catalina Island Gift Certificate Program
  • Cooperative participation in travel and trade shows targeting consumers, as well as niche market show opportunities
  • Promotion of your business through public relations programs
  • Opportunity to submit a featured advertisement or coupon in the monthly email blast (small fee) to our database of prospective Catalina visitors (130,000+ subscribers)
  • Insert a digital flyer in weekly Thursday Update for FREE
  • Add Catalina Hot Deals or Island Time Packages on website for promotion for FREE
  • Be included on This Week on Catalina Island page on the website
  • Use of photo library – FREE
  • Opportunity to “host” a Mixer to showcase your business
  • Discounts on Constant Contact e-marketing solutions
  • Posts on social media outlets (80,000+ followers)


  • Representation at all levels of government
  • Opportunities to help shape the policies that affect your business
  • Candidate Forums and Questionnaires (local)
  • Fixers – helpful gatherings to address a business need


  • Ability to attend sponsored seminars at member-only rates


  • Monthly Mixers, usually on the third Thursday evening of each month
  • Monthly Committee Meetings
  • Annual Meeting & Installation Dinner
  • Annual Marketing Conference


  • Opportunities to volunteer with committees
  • “Thursday Update” weekly e-newsletter


Dues Requirements: Membership in Catalina Island Tourism Authority is renewed on an annual basis in July of each year. With application, the applicant must provide a copy of their City of Avalon Business License (if required) and the application must be accompanied by the full amount of the membership dues. Renewal memberships must provide a copy of their current business license as well. Memberships will be pro-rated for businesses becoming members during the fiscal year. A one time initiation fee of $30 will be included with all new applications. The membership year is from July 1 through June 30. The dues level for the various membership categories is as follows:

Accommodations: Hotels, rental units, condominiums, apartments and real estate offices.

$582.00 plus $4.00 per rentable unit.

Restaurants: An establishment serving food with table service provided.

$582.00 plus $1.00 per seat.

Transportation: Dues based on number of passengers carried per year

1 – 500 $413.00 5,000 – 25,000 $1,757.00
500 – 1,000 $584.00 25,000 – 100,000 $2,345.00
1,000 – 5,000 $1,166.00 100,000 + $3,515.00

Banks & Utilities: $1,152.00 per year

Community Non-Profit Organizations:  $56.00 per year

Business: Any business entity not fitting one of the above classifications:

$412.00 plus $2.00 per employee during peak season.

Corporate Membership: Multiple businesses owned by the same individual or entity may elect to apply for a corporate membership. The annual dues of Corporate Members shall be $1,180.00, plus $191.00 per individual business (DBA), plus the per seating, per employee, per passenger carried, or per unit charges applying to the categories listed above.

Non-Business Friend of the Chamber/Bureau: Those persons who are not actively involved in business, but who share a common interest with the objectives of the corporation may apply for membership as a Non-Business Friend of the Tourism Authority. The dues required are $100.00 per year. Non-Business Friends of the Tourism Authority are not entitled to vote on matters coming for a vote before the membership, nor do they receive a free listing in the Visitors Guide or on the Love Catalina website.

IRS regulations require that you be informed that contributions or gifts to the Catalina Island Tourism Authority are not tax deductible as charitable contributions. However, they may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses. You may wish to consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of these contributions.

Pro-Rating of Dues
Dues will be pro-rated for businesses becoming members of the Catalina Island Tourism Authority during the fiscal year. To figure the initial amount of the dues to submit with your application, use the chart below. First, determine the month in which your membership will be considered by the Board of Directors. The Board meets on the third Thursday of each month. Then, multiply the basic dues amount, plus any per employee, per unit, per seat, or per passenger amounts by the % shown for that month. Basic dues amounts can be found on the sheet entitled Membership Dues Schedule.

Month in which Membership is considered

% of Yearly Dues
July – 100%
August – 92%
September – 83%
October – 75%
November – 67%
December – 58%
January – 50%
February – 42%
March – 33%
April – 25%
May – 17%
June – 8%

Thereafter, your membership will be renewable at the full annual rate. Membership renewal notices are mailed the first week in June, and are due by July 31 each year.