Catalina Falconry, LLC

Descanso Canyon, Avalon, CA 90704


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    Experience the thrill and anticipation, as a trained bird of prey—with wings spread and talons extended—swoops toward you and gently lands on your outstretched hand. Catalina Falconry Experience in picturesque Descanso Canyon is one of the few places in Southern California where you can don the glove and “be the falconer.” Against a backdrop of the beautiful Pacific, you’ll learn the history and basic techniques of falconry, as well as the important role that raptors play in maintaining balance in our natural environment. Get to know our falcons, hawks, and owls as your instructor guides you in the proper way to hold a raptor, cast it from your glove, and then call it back again. You'll also get the opportunity to have your picture taken with one of these majestic birds, so bring your camera.
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