Experience the Park after Dark - try a Night Dive or Night Snorkeling Adventure!

  • Diving Catalina
  • Redeemable: Thursday, Apr 7, 2022 - Saturday, Apr 1, 2023
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    Everything looks different at night! Discover a whole new world underwater when you visit the Park after Dark! The Casino Point Dive Park is home to many creatures such as our two-spotted octopus, larger California morays, small sand sharks, bat and round rays and tons of spiny lobster that all come out at night. Did you know lobsters swim backwards? Sea lions and harbor seals are looking for dinner and occasionally a wreckfish (giant black sea bass) will cruise by. We provide high-powered flashlights for all guided night dives and guided night snorkeling tours. Come join us for a thrilling experience of a lifetime! At Diving Catalina, Your Adventure Awaits!
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