Get fit. Give back. Reconnect. No matter what your goals are, a visit to Catalina Island provides a wealth of opportunities to start 2020 off right and fulfill your resolutions.

Reconnect: With something to do for everyone, Catalina Island is an ideal place to reconnect with family and friends. From frolicking on the seashore to touring a historic icon and from fine dining to scuba diving, the island offers activities for every age and interest, making it the perfect destination for spending quality with family – or friends. Resolve to reconnect with those that matter in 2020 by planning a getaway together.

Get Fit: Fitness comes naturally on Catalina Island – thanks to the incredible nature surrounding us. Opportunities to get fit on the island range from regular yoga classes to taking on one of the most challenging 50-milers in the country. The upcoming ÖTILLÖ Swimrun will bring this popular European endurance sport to the United States for the first time. Not quite ready for hard-core endurance sports? A full schedule of fitness classes is available.

Get outdoors: Kayaking, snorkeling, golf, ziplining, parasailing, stand-up paddling, hiking, fishing, mountain biking. The list of outdoor activities on Catalina Island is never-ending – and intriguing. If you’ve resolved to get outside and get moving, Santa Catalina Island offers myriad opportunities to do just that.

Be in the moment. If your resolution is to be more mindful and focus on what you’re experiencing, Catalina Island may be just the ticket. Your senses can soak in all that the island has to offer, with gentle waves, ocean breezes and the unforgettable sensation of sand between your toes.

Volunteer: Ready to give back? Catalina Island offers an intriguing array of opportunities to give back, including monthly beach clean-ups, volunteer vacations and weekly volunteer programs in the interior. Whether you’re looking to arrange a team-building corporate volunteer day or just spend some quality time with your bestie, volunteering on Catalina Island will let you give back while reconnecting with what really matters.

Push your boundaries: If you choose, the activities on Catalina Island will let challenge yourself and your own limitations. Ziplining, parasailing and scuba diving are just a few of the ways you can push your boundaries and realize your fears are just another obstacle to overcome.

Eat healthy: Catalina Island restaurants offer a buffet of healthy dining options, including vegetarian dishes, unique salads and diet-friendly entrees. Not worried about the carbs or the calories? You can also indulge with decadent desserts, deep-fried delicacies and over-the-top delicious dishes.

Learn something new: Always wanted to get certified to scuba dive? Intrigued by California history? Ready to take your golf game to the next level? Catalina Island is an ideal destination if you are looking to expand your horizons and challenge your mind – and body – with a new set of skills.

Disconnect: On the one hand, Catalina Island’s sweeping views and intriguing vistas call out to be shared on social media, but this is the perfect place to put down the phone and immerse yourself in the moment without worrying about what to post when. And while you’ll find a cell connection nearly everywhere on the island,