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Executive Producer & Artistic Director
The Avalon Theatre
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The Movies Are Back!

The Avalon Theatre To Reopen June 16th

The Catalina Island Company has reached an agreement with actor, producer, and long-time Catalina patron Wesley Alfvin to reopen The Avalon Theatre in the famous Catalina Casino. Mr. Alfvin will operate the theatre as a performing arts center, featuring current and classic films as well as live entertainment.

“Avalon has always been my home away from home, and the Casino holds a special place in my heart. The movies I watched in The Avalon Theatre helped inspire my career, so when the doors closed in 2019, I knew I had to help find a sustainable path forward.”

According to Alfvin, variety will be key. “Gone are the days of a single movie playing for multiple weeks. For the first time in decades, entertainment offerings in The Avalon Theatre will change as frequently as every evening.” Moving forward, Alfvin says that a typical weekend lineup may include a classic film on Friday followed by a current film on Saturday. Other weekends may include magic, comedy, live music, and more.

Taking another page from the history books, Alfvin looks to recreate a traditional moviegoing experience by inviting the audience into the theatre an hour before every film for a vintage preshow. Guests can look forward to silent movies, cartoon shorts, news reels, and classic serials to keep them entertained while they await the start of the evening’s feature film. “One of the most memorable parts of seeing a movie in The Avalon Theatre is getting the opportunity to enjoy its stunning art deco interior. My hope is that the extra hour of entertainment will allow guests plenty of opportunity to soak up the ambiance, as well as provide a flexible arrival time.”

The Avalon Theatre’s reopening season will run from June 16th through Labor Day, with events held every Friday and Saturday evening, as well as on select additional dates throughout the summer. While only announcing a limited run at this time, Alfvin is committed to year-round operation. “We’re getting the theatre doors open again. That has been our primary focus, but it is only the first step. This summer, I look forward to meeting everyone who comes out to experience a magical evening of entertainment in the Catalina Casino and engaging the community in a plan to keep The Avalon Theatre open for years to come. Catalina has been a central part of my family’s life for generations, blessing us with priceless memories and some of our happiest moments. We see reopening the theatre as our opportunity to give back to the island that means so much to us.”

So, after two and a half years of a darkened theatre, the movies are back! But while Mr. Alfvin may be able to reopen the doors, it will be up to Avalon’s community and island visitors to fill the seats. For exclusive first-look access to the entertainment schedule and to be a part of the excitement, visit and join the newly minted Avalon Theatre Club. That’s “Theatre” with the traditional spelling, of course, just as it has appeared on the Casino doors since 1929.