Catalina Island was featured in a travel article written by Marlise Kast-Myers entitled "Paradise found on ‘The People’s Island’" and published in the The San Diego Union-Tribune on August 6, 2023.

"Catalina Island, soon to mark 130th anniversary of the Santa Catalina Island Company, was the perfect setting for a family to celebrate their own mother’s legacy." The author details a trip to Catalina for her mother's 80th birthday and explores Catalina's beginnings under the ownership of the Banning Brothers and then the Wrigley family. "But Wrigley didn’t build his island empire for Hollywood’s elite; he built it for the gum-chewers of the world. Catalina was his token of gratitude to — in his words — “the tired shop girl, the artisan, the clerk, and the Boy Scout.” Read the article here.