A renowned meditation teacher and singer, Michel Pascal, is bringing outstanding musicians, Myron McKinley and Lauren Robin, to join him on the Avalon Wrigley Stage for a performance of the program to be presented at Carnegie Hall on November 26th. The Dance Meditation Concert will allow the viewers to experience both a boost in energy and greater serenity with the help of music and meditation.

The concert in Avalon is set for Saturday, August 4th and is free for the public. The opening act will include a guided meditation in English and Spanish by Juliana Klinkert and Celtic violin by Alesia Sedziaka starting at 5pm. The Dance Meditation Concert featuring Michel Pascal, Myron McKinley, and Laurent Robin will begin at 6pm.

Michel Pascal has been called the modern “Medicine Voice” and has performed at the Carnegie Hall, with a new performance set for November 2018. Michel Pascal is the author of Meditation for Daily Stress. Myron McKinley is the music director of the legendary band Earth, Wind, and Fire and a keyboard player; and Laurent Robin is an exceptional French drummer.

For more information about Michel Pascal and the upcoming Dance Meditation Concert please contact Juliana Klinkert at meditationteachertraining@gmail.com.