AVALON, CA –It is now possible for a new hospital to be built on Catalina Island thanks to the generosity of the Catalina Island Company and its donation of a 2.5-acre parcel of land valued at approximately $4 million.  “We are committed to quality healthcare on Catalina Island and to the partnership between the Catalina Island Medical Center and the Catalina Island Company,” stated Randall Herrel, Sr., President and CEO of Catalina Island Company.

Catalina Island Medical Center (CIMC) has been serving residents of and visitors to Catalina Island since 1960. Back then, Avalon’s population was 1,536 residents, with 250,000 visitors annually. The city now counts over 4,500 residents and welcomes some one million visitors each year – which means the hospital is serving more than four times the number it was built to serve almost 60 years ago.

The current facility is significantly undersized to serve the current patient care demand and has insufficient space to be able to meet the needs of our residents and visitors. “The facility’s current size and configuration cannot accommodate modern and expanded programs of care, prevention, health, and wellness that our community needs,” shared Jason Paret, CEO of the Catalina Island Medical Center.

“Even more challenging is the fact that the State of California has mandated that all hospitals must meet earthquake safety standards by the year 2030. It is not financially viable for the existing hospital to be retrofitted, so a new one must be built”, he added.

The new Catalina Island Medical Center will be a state-of-the-art facility with all private rooms for inpatient and long-term care patients. In addition to the services already being provided at the medical center – including emergency, family practice, radiology, and more – many new services will be added. These include infusion therapy, digital mammography, women’s health services, a surgical suite for outpatient procedures, and patient wellness education. 

“The future is bright for the Catalina Island Medical Center, its island residents and visitors, thanks to the generous donation of the parcel of land by the Catalina Island Company,” said Jason Paret, CEO, Catalina Island Medical Center.